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Reason #1:
Recycling aluminum uses 95% less energy than making new

Reason #2:
Metal is melted down and reformed into new products such as cans, automobile parts, sliding, appliances and building materials.

Reason #3:
Recycling one ton of cardboard saves 7 trees, 7000 gallons of water, cuts pollution, 11 barrels of oil, and 3 cubic yards of landfill space.

Reason #4:
Eight out of ten plastic water bottles become landfill waste.

Reason #5:
Plastic bottles take 700 years before they begin to decompose in a landfill.



Recycling can be challenging for waste removal companies. The most effective way is to require customers to put mixed recycle in a separate container also know as commingled recycling. However this method is only effective if the tenant separates the material. So what happens to recycle material not separated? Well most likely it will end up at the landfill taking up precious space. Now here's where McCrae Trash is trying something different. Along with the current method we require our employees to not only collect the garbage but to also sort through the garbage and separate any recycleable materials. This method allows a higher percentage of materials to get recycled.


Our company recycles more than 50% of our refuse.  Here is a complete list of items we recycle:

* plastic and glass bottles

* aluminum cans

* cardboard and paper

* ferrous and non-ferrous materials

* concrete

* batteries


McCrae Enterprises - Recycling

Non-ferrous materials separated from refuse

Non-ferrous materials separated from refuse

Ferrous metal for recycling, separated from demolition site



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