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We provide fast and reliable service when it comes to bulk trash removal. We give upfront rates on removal services. We do all the loading of trash debris, and cleaning up afterwards.

Today apartment managers and condo associations have a challenging situation with their bulk trash service. Most bulk trash removal companies charge by the truck no matter how many  bulk items there are. This method can become very pricy for certain establishments. That's where McCrae Trash services can better serve your needs. Not only do we respond quick , but our prices are reasonable because we only charge you for the space taken up on the truck and discounts for multiple trucks as well. 

We also do cleanouts as far as basement, garage, entire house and even construction sites as well. For contractors who can not get a dumpster on their jobsite we are the perfect solution. Of course there is an extra charge for heavy materials such as roofing. 

What separates us from others?  Unlike other companies we separate recycled materials from refuse material, which keeps disposal cost down. Also we have numerous size trucks ranging from 14 yd to 19 yd cubic space. This will save you money on small or large jobs. Also we only charge you for the amount of trash debris you have. We charge by fractions of 1/4. 

14 yd max amount $450

McCrae Enterprises

17 yd max amout $550

McCrae Enterprises

19 yd max amount $650

McCrae Enterprises



Construction Cleanup Before                        Construction Cleanup After


Basement cleanout before pic                           


Basement cleanout after pic



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